Our Philosophy

WTD is led by people who believe in fresh thinking, in moving beyond the business vernacular to test new ideas, to take them from thought to practice and to do the right things right.

We have partnered with like-minded firms to offer a comprehensive suite of services to meet the varying needs of our clients, including to provide expertise in Six Sigma, Lean, Customer Service / Sales Coaching, Payment Technologies, Employee Engagement, Productivity Training and other areas.

Our Partners

The Sensei Group (TSG) is an innovative consulting firm focused on helping clients grow through a process of discovery, solutioning and change enablement. They are experts in process and systems thinking and in applying the scientific method to solve problems.

TSG specializes in connecting the dots between customers, processes, systems and employees  and in simplifying complex issues, generating practical solutions and solving for desired outcomes.

TSG’s passion is to create a-ha moments with clients and to help turn those insights into action. Along the way, TSG supports clients with inspiration, instruction and coaching.

Consult Hyperion are experts in digital identity and retail payments and have played a key role in the design of EMV-based card and

mobile payments services. Working for all the major card networks, Issuers, Acquirers, Processors, Merchants, Transit Operators, Mobile Money Operators and Regulators, Consult Hyperion is currently delivering projects in practically every continent. The products and services they have helped to design and deliver are used globally by hundreds of millions of people, every day.

Rushlight provides expertise in employee engagement program assessment, design, implementation and consulting.

Clear Concept provides expertise in productivity, project management and related training and coaching.

Our People

Kalindi Jog

Active List(en)er

Engineering isn’t exactly wizardry, but it’s close. And while McMaster was no Hogwarts, Kalindi still managed to learn a little magic during her time there. The question is: what does the physics of fibre optics have to do with management consulting. The answer is that engineering is a great training ground for analytical thinking, which in turn was a good complement to the Rotman School of Management’s “integrative thinking” philosophy. Kalindi defines herself not just by those traits, but also through her work as a board member of a mental health charity and over 15 years of experience in operational and consulting roles with some of the world’s largest organizations, including JDS Uniphase, IBM, AstraZeneca, the Ontario government and Canadian chartered banks.

Beyond business skills, Kalindi brings a rare empathy to her work, which allows her to help organizations build their capabilities while considering the impact on both employees and other stakeholders.
  • Strategic planning
  • Leadership development
  • Process improvement
  • Facilitation
  • Program / operations reviews

Ēma Thurairajah

Temporal Optimist

Supposedly an Astrophysicist by training, it’s more likely that Ēma learned everything he knows about the topic from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Regardless, dabbling in cosmology and a stint at the Ivey Business School did help him to develop an appreciation for the scientific and Socratic methods, which come in useful from time-to-time.

With a career spanning over 20 years, he has worked with everyone from start-ups to multinationals, across Canada and around the world, clocking more than a million airline miles in the process. Ēma has consulted on or implemented major transformation and modernization programs, as well as reviewing, advising on or helping to negotiate public-private partnerships and other agreements worth billions to hundreds of millions of dollars. He helps clients re-think their business and develop new strategies, based on innovative business and revenue models, markets, partnerships and service delivery channels.
  • Business and technology strategy

  • Governance and accountability

  • Procurement and strategic sourcing

  • Facilitation

  • Public-private partnerships

Ruchika Patel

Rapid Context Switcher

Physician, computer scientist, statistician were all careers that Ruchika could have pursued. Instead, she became a business advisor, who uses those interests to help clients figure out some of their knottiest problems. As another product of the Rotman School’s “integrative thinking” approach, Ruchika takes a holistic approach– to understand an organization’s environment, resources and ambitions, rather than prescribing flavour-of-the-day medicine. She has done so successfully for over a decade, with such organizations as CIBC, Ernst & Young, and RBC, as well as telecommunications companies and government ministries across the country.

As an advisor to CFOs and CIOs, Ruchika demystifies everything from complex financial models to enterprise systems. Her aim is to help executives move beyond analysis to making decisions by using the tools at their disposal.

  • Financial modeling

  • Business case development

  • Technology strategy

  • Procurement and outsourcing

  • Program / operations reviews

Yasmin Meralli


From microbiology to macroeconomics and multiculturalism, Yasmin Meralli’s career has run the gamut, in every sense of the word. If there is a natural law that links microorganisms to finance, Yasmin is the person most likely to discover it!

Her keen interest in people and well-honed expertise in diverse disciplines helps her bring fresh thinking to problems such as how to grow revenue through customer diversification and employee engagement. Yasmin has been an agent of significant change, including through her leadership of one of the first e-business divisions within a major Canadian bank. Through it all, she has realized that common sense makes business sense and that respect for individuals and cultures pays a higher dividend than most other investments in one’s professional life.

A qualified Chartered Accountant, Yasmin has led teams focused on finance, business planning, strategy, audit, and diversity at major organizations. Her experience spans a breadth of industries, from energy and retail to transportation and banking, with Canadian, US and UK-based companies. Yasmin’s academic background is as eclectic as her work experience, having studied valuation at Harvard’s Graduate School of Business Administration, and with undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of British Columbia. Additionally, Yasmin is an engaging speaker and facilitator, whose projects have taken her across the continent and around the world, on the wings of her reputation as an advisor to senior leaders.

  • Diversity and inclusion

  • Business and financial planning

  • Board governance

  • Customer acquisition and growth

  • Risk management

Harriet Velazquez

Force of Nature

Harriet has worked with organizations on 4 continents, helping them to negotiate deals that work. For almost 20 years, she has facilitated, mediated, negotiated and perhaps even instigated some of the toughest agreements in Canada. She has done so with aplomb and an ability to get the right things done right honed by decades of experience in industries such as IT, publishing, financial services and as a member or chair of boards in the public and private sectors.

Harriet has transmuted her unique abilities into something like a fundamental force of nature, forged in the cauldron of the Harvard Negotiation Program, as well as at institutions such as Western University. So, it’s a good thing she’s on your side– on everyone’s side, really– because it’s her job to ensure that cool heads prevail, that reasonableness and reason rule the day. Trust us, you’ll trust her.
  • Governance

  • Strategy

  • Facilitation and Mediation

  • Negotiations

  • Outsourcing